COVID-19 Update: ” We are actively recruiting and maintaining a pipeline of candidates for our Essential Business clients. For all Essential Businesses and Life Sustaining Businesses; If you are experiencing a shortage on staff due to COVID-19 we are here to help. Please contact our office and we will begin working to get you the staff you need to maintain your much needed operations during this critical time for our country. We are committed to supporting you in any way we can."



Xtreme Labor Solutions has added more benefits and resources to our team. We are now a preferred labor provider for numerous coal mines and quarries. Whether you are subject to MSHA Part 46 or Part 48 we have you covered!

We are continuously hiring qualified individuals for both surface and underground operations and are constantly placing for the following positions:

Struggling to hire for these or other roles?  We can help! We know what it takes to run a productive, safe, and efficient mining operation and have the people you need to do it right.



With MSHA Unlimited Trainers on staff we’ve taken training to a whole new level. Whether you need annual refresher training for your current staff or you’re looking to grow with the next generation of miners for the industry, we can ensure you meet all regulatory requirements. We are continuously running new classes for both Surface and Underground Miners.


Our database now includes thousands of additional qualified miners and equipment operators for both underground and surface operations. We can hire for any position you need to fill in your company and help you keep things running smoothly at the mine or quarry site. Each candidate undergoes a drug test, background check and qualifications testing to ensure that our clients receive only top-notch individuals who can be counted on and relied upon to manage their workload professionally and diligently.


Why spend money, time and effort recruiting, hiring, and training when we can do it for you? Its our passion and what we do everyday and what we’ve done for 20 years. We can get you better more experienced candidates, provide better training, and get your team back to work and ahead of schedule. In fact, many of our clients see a significant reduction in overall operating expenses through realizing gains in productivity with our staff.


As a Partner Company you will enjoy all of these great benefits included in our services. We take care of everything so you can focus on getting the job done right.

  • •Advertising and Administrative Costs – We post, source, advertise, interview, and hire for all of your open positions saving you precious time and money.
  • •Drug Tests – We test to your specific requirements. Whether you need a DOT test or a full 16 panel, we have you covered.
  • •Background Checks – We will customize to your needs and can cover all the bases from Federal and State down to each and every county.
  • •Training – We find and train every candidate and can cover OSHA, MSHA, Safeland, and more.
  • •Payroll – We’ve got this covered too. We pay the employees directly each and every week.
  • •FICA, FUTA, SUTA – Confused? Tax codes can do that… We handle all of the tax headaches for our labor force.
  • •Employer Sponsored Health Care – All XLS employees have access to a comprehensive benefit package and we pay all of the employer related costs and administration fees instead of you.
  • •Insurance – We do things right and have all the proper insurances in place so you can go about business worry-free. From general liability to umbrella to E&O and then some.
  • •Worker’s Compensation – As XLS employees they fall under our worker’s compensation policy, not your company’s. It’s just one more thing we can take off of your plate to make life easier. 


Site maintenance is an ongoing necessity for any operation.  Our team at XLS Mining can put together a crew for just about any maintenance task.  We will supply the crew, the equipment, and take care of everything to do the job right.

Our Services Include:

  • •Welding Crews – Our welders have the proper credentials and the skills necessary to keep your equipment going and production running smoothly.  
  • •Equipment Steaming – Keep your equipment functioning properly and shining bright with scheduled routine steam cleaning.
  • •Environmental Crews – We can take care of all of your property maintenance and keep roadways clear and vegetation under control.
  • •Security – We can supply qualified security professionals  for your entryways and guardhouses and provide roving security to cover the entire property.
  • •Cleanup Crews – Keep production going strong and let us handle the cleanup so you don’t have to.
  • •MSHA Training – Let us help keep everyone up to date by supply training services for things such as Annual Refresher  and New Miner Training


Every operation needs great  mechanics to keep their fleet in top shape.  With a state of the art garage and facility at our mining headquarters in southern West Virginia, we can do just that.  Our certified mechanics will keep your gas and diesel vehicles running strong from site to site and take care of all the routine maintenance.  We even offer rollback service and mobile repair for unexpected breakdowns.

We Provide Services for:

Save yourself time, money, and frustration.  Call today to put together a Custom Fleet Maintenance Plan and enjoy priority service and discounted shop rates.