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Our passion is recruiting, let us help you get back to yours.

We provide our clients with exceptional employees as a true one-stop shop for all of your skilled labor needs.  With benefits and features designed to assist your operation in achieving its full potential, we can actually help you achieve greater cost savings and eliminate all of the headaches associated with hiring and managing your labor force.


With a proven history of success and years of experience in the following industries, the XLS family of recruiting and staffing services is here to help your operation succeed!


Warehouse & Transportation




Professional Recruiting & RPO

Helping great companies find perfect candidates

With offices strategically located to service West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and all of the surrounding states, Xtreme Labor Solutions can find the skilled labor force to meet your needs.  Our cost-effective recruiting and staffing strategies are tailored to your specific requirements and can save you time and money in the process.

As a Partner Company you will enjoy all of these great benefits included in our services. We take care of everything so you can focus on getting the job done right.

  • Advertising and Administrative Costs – We post, source, advertise, interview, and hire for all of your open positions saving you precious time and money.
  • Drug Tests – We test to your specific requirements. Whether you need a DOT test or a full 16 panel, we have you covered.
  • Background Checks – We will customize to your needs and can cover all the bases from Federal and State down to each and every county.
  • Training – We find and train every candidate and can cover OSHA, MSHA, Safeland, and more.
  • Payroll – We’ve got this covered too. We pay the employees directly each and every week.
  • FICA, FUTA, SUTA – Confused? Tax codes can do that… We handle all of the tax headaches for our labor force.
  • Employer Sponsored Health Care – All XLS employees have access to a comprehensive benefit package and we pay all of the employer related costs and administration fees instead of you.
  • Insurance – We do things right and have all the proper insurances in place so you can go about business worry-free. From general liability to umbrella to E&O and then some.
  • Worker’s Compensation – As XLS employees they fall under our worker’s compensation policy, not your company’s. It’s just one more thing we can take off of your plate to make life easier.

We take pride in being a step above other labor providers in the marketplace, always striving to improve upon our already comprehensive services.  In addition to our skilled labor staffing services our clients also have access to reduced rates on many other value-added services to help keep your operation running efficiently.

  • Custom drug testing programs for their entire operation
  • Executive and professional recruiting and placement services
  • Safety training for your entire organization for OSHA, MSHA, Safeland and more, all performed in-house by our trained professionals
  • Jobsite safety consultations

Call us today to schedule your free consultation and let us work with you to develop a customized strategy that will support all of your staffing and training needs.  

Values We Live and Work By

Values are the cornerstone of any good business and lay the foundation for getting things done the right way.  We stand by our clients and our employees, supporting them and aligning ourselves with common goals to get things done.  Our company is built upon common sense values that lead to a better, safer, more productive work environment for everyone.  We stand by these values and always focus on fulfilling our mission everyday and giving back in the communities where we live and work.

About Xtreme Labor Solutions

Headquartered in West Virginia and with offices located to serve all of the surrounding states, Xtreme Labor Solutions is a premier skilled labor provider for Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Transportation and more. XLS and its affiliates have over 20 years combined staffing experience in many industries, successfully finding and placing qualified candidates for today’s most in demand skilled labor positions. With unique recruiting strategies and a database of over 10,000 skilled candidates, XLS has the people you need to get the job done right.

The consolidation of Elite and Superior Coal with Xtreme Labor Solutions has added more benefits and resources to the team making the company a preferred provider of contract labor for all mining and quarry operations. XLS now has MSHA Unlimited Trainers on staff, corresponding State and Federal Training Plans compliant with 30 CFR, Part 48(A), Part 48(B) and Parts 75 and 77, Contractor ID, and vast experience recruiting, hiring, and placing miners in the coal fields and quarries of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio. Our database now includes thousands of additional qualified miners and equipment operators for both underground and surface operations.