COVID-19 Update: ” We are actively recruiting and maintaining a pipeline of candidates for our Essential Business clients. For all Essential Businesses and Life Sustaining Businesses; If you are experiencing a shortage on staff due to COVID-19 we are here to help. Please contact our office and we will begin working to get you the staff you need to maintain your much needed operations during this critical time for our country. We are committed to supporting you in any way we can."

A Message From Our Managing Director

Years ago my business partner, Mike Grose, and I saw an opportunity to do things better in our local labor markets. We both knew first hand the challenges involved in hiring good, honest, hard working individuals and I personally saw the pain involved in trying to hire skilled labor in several industries. Everywhere I turned there was another sign, another billboard, or another ad all with the same message; “Help Wanted”. It was at that moment I realized there had to be a better way.

I met with Mike and discussed the issues we both saw and after some thought, we both agreed that with a few simple tweaks we could provide skilled labor in a better way. We would attract better employees, offer better benefits, and give them a real long term opportunity to work for industry leaders. We then founded this company on a core set of values with the intent of providing the best contract labor experience possible. We place safety first, are passionate about recruiting, work with integrity, hire only true professionals for our administrative staff, are actively involved in our communities, and we offer true customer service to all of our clients. At Xtreme Labor Solutions you can always speak directly with any of our professionals or even request one of us to come out for a site or office visit. We want to be engaged with your operations, understand your projects, and align with your company goals so that we can provide you the right employees to ultimately help you continue to succeed and grow your business. Running a truly successful business always begins with the right employees.

Give us the opportunity to show you firsthand what we can deliver and we will get you fully staffed for your current operations or your next big project. We have the hardworking and skilled employees that will help you get the job done right. It’s our passion and what we do everyday and what we deliver on better than anyone else.


Cade Vogelsong
Managing Director

Our Mission

We provide our partner companies industry leading recruitment and training services, helping to acquire, place, and retain qualified candidates for every open position, allowing our partners to focus on operations.

Core Values

Xtreme Labor Solutions was founded on a core set of values and the principle of helping companies find good, honest, hard-working people. Putting great people to work is what we do best and with a 20 year history of doing just that, XLS and our affiliates lead the way as a true one-stop shop for all of your staffing and training needs.

SAFETY – We live and breathe a safety-first mentality. From staffing qualified skilled labor in numerous industries to providing safety training for our clients, safety always is number one! We provide training for OSHA, MSHA, Safeland, and more to ensure that our employees and our clients always have a safety conscious workforce from the office to the job site and back.

PASSION – We are passionate about recruiting and employ like-minded individuals that know that passion leads to better service, better productivity and better job satisfaction. We are passionate at work and in our local communities. We have a passion and true desire to find the perfect candidate for every role in order to help our partner companies succeed.

PROFESSIONAL – We employ leaders and true professionals with a history and background in good, honest, hard work. Professionalism in all we do speaks volumes to our ability. We encourage personal and professional development for all of our employees and always seek ways to better enhance our service and be as comprehensive as possible.

INTEGRITY – Always do the right thing, even when no one is watching. At XLS integrity isn’t just for show. If we say we will do something, we do it. Our relationships are built on trust and we provide our partners with a service they can rely on everyday to get the job done.

SERVICE – We have a daily goal to execute world-class service and believe that quality and level of service are the best indicators of a great partnership inside the office and in our communities. We utilize a very customer friendly, hands on approach, aimed at direct connection between our staff and the operations we help. Interaction and active communication are key to success.

COMMUNITY – Where we work is just as important as how we work. Community involvement and investment are important cornerstones of any quality company. Investing in community ensures continued prosperity for the next generation.

Do you live these values too?

Visit our careers page and apply for one of our great opportunities and join the Xtreme Team today.

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